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No.089 Gioia – Floral Aquatic Women’s

No.089 Gioia | Vegan & refillable alternative
Main accords: Aromatic, citrus, green, sweet, fresh, floral, white floral, fresh spicy, woody, vanilla

Mojito, mojito, mojito! You don’t need to go to a bar to get a dose of your favourite Cuban tipple anymore, because you can be a Cuban goddess with this perfume. The fragrance opens with top notes of lemon and mint, lending it a fruity freshness, before drying down into notes of jasmine, pink pepper & peony. It even has sugar in the base notes, just like a real mojito! You’ll feel as fresh as the drink itself wearing this, so why not order yourself another one?



Grand total
Lemon & Mint

Top Note Ingredients

Lemon & Mint
Jasmine, Pink Pepper, Peony

Middle Note Ingredients

Jasmine, Pink Pepper, Peony
Labdanum, Cedar, Sugar

Base Note Ingredients

Labdanum, Cedar, Sugar

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