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No.087 Saab Parfum – Floral Women’s

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You’re at an exquisitely elegant Victorian party in the height of summer. The air is blissfully warm, you’re wearing your finest attire and all around are swooning as soon as they come near you. Is it a dream? Are you just imagining it? You could be, or perhaps you’ve simply chosen your perfume well. 087 is arguably the most elegant, sumptuous fragrance in our entire collection. Orange blossom and jasmine open the scent, followed by gorgeous notes of rose and African orange flower backed up by a base of patchouli and Virginia cedar. It’s a stellar example of what happens when citrus and floral collide, resulting in a perfume that takes the breath away and lasts all day. Wear this whenever you have an impression to make.

No.087 – Natural alternative, cruelty-free  vegan equivalent inspired by Le parfum for women by Elie Saab


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African Orange Flower

Top Note Ingredients

African Orange Flower

Middle Note Ingredients

Patchouli, Virginia Cedar, Rose

Base Note Ingredients

Patchouli, Virginia Cedar, Rose

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2 reviews for No.087 Saab Parfum – Floral Women’s

  1. H

    Warm in a warm musky way with beautiful Jasmine notes
    Wow this could be my new favourite
    May have knocked le labo neroli off the top spot
    Sample size as a chance
    Will definitely get a full size bottle

  2. Haz

    Beautiful and smells like Elie Saab

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