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No.062 Vegan Sii – Chypre Fruity Women’s

5.00 (2)

No.062 Vegan Sii – Chypre Fruity Women’s

Main accords: Woody, vanilla, aromatic, soft spicy, fruity, green, floral, patchouli, rose, earthy

This perfume is simply sensuality in a bottle. Gorgeous and expertly balanced, the aroma of cassis sweetly folds over notes of vanilla and rose to create a fragrance that takes the breath away of those who are lucky enough to smell it. Think lavish summer gazebos in the Italian countryside, think romance, think adventure and mystery – if that’s you, then say “Si” to this fragrance.


Grand total
Casis, Anise, Verve

Top Note Ingredients

Casis, Anise, Verve
Rose, Magnolia, Peony

Middle Note Ingredients

Rose, Magnolia, Peony
Taif Rose

Base Note Ingredients

Taif Rose

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2 reviews for No.062 Vegan Sii – Chypre Fruity Women’s

  1. Frankie

    Beautiful, elegant fragrance that I prefer to the original! Lasts all day but isn’t overpowering. I love that it’s vegan and cruelty-free, too. Please don’t ever stop making this, I love it!

  2. Margaret Mooney

    Margaret Mooney

    Lovely similar to scent. Lasts long on skin.

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