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No.029 Delicious Green Apple Woman – Floral Fruity Women’s

4.75 (4)

Delicious green apple woman is a must have for any woman. It’s one of those scents you can never dislike. It’s warm and incredibly refreshing. The green apple and the cucumber combining beautifully to leave you smelling like a summer cocktail. Can be worn at any time of day and by women of all ages. Makes an excellent blind buy and is almost guaranteed to please any woman.

No.029 – Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent inspired by DKNY Be Delicious by Donna Karan


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Grapefruit, Cucumber, Magnolia

Top Note Ingredients

Grapefruit, Cucumber, Magnolia
Tuberose, Rose, Lily Of The Valley, Violet, Green Apple

Middle Note Ingredients

Tuberose, Rose, Lily Of The Valley, Violet, Green Apple
Woodsy Notes, Amber, Sandalwood

Base Note Ingredients

Woodsy Notes, Amber, Sandalwood

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4 reviews for No.029 Delicious Green Apple Woman – Floral Fruity Women’s

  1. Rachel Bachorski

    Rachel Bachorski

    DKNY’s Be Delicious had been my favorite scent for years. I stopped purchasing the product years ago after discovering it was tested on animals. While searching for a dupe, I found Eden Perfumes and quickly ordered a sample. I couldn’t be more pleased, with both the scent and longevity.

    Additionally, every order I have placed from Eden Perfumes has arrived quickly and safely (I live in the States).

  2. Liz

    This is lovely, but it’s not quite as lovely as the original. I did a blind test on the last little bit of the original and this, and both the people I tested it on picked the original immediately.

    However, first of all, it’s never claimed that these are identical, just that they’re a good match for the originals, so that’s not a biggie. Secondly, it might not be a perfect dupe, but it’s really close, and it still smells extremely good. Third, and most importantly, having something close in smell that’s cruelty free is fantastic. I was gutted that I couldn’t continue buying the original, so finding this was fab 🙂

  3. Ella Metcalfe

    Ella Metcalfe

    I’ve had so many people stop me and say “You’re wearing Be Delicious, aren’t you?!”. The longevity and sillage is insane. You can literally spray this twice and it lasts all through a night out and into the next day.

  4. Manuela

    I love it. For me this is the perfume I always take with me when I go on holiday. Lots of good memories.
    Last very long.

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