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No.710 M7 – Men’s

YSL M7 dupe – Vegan and refillable | – No.710
Main accords : Oud, amber, aromatic, fresh spicy, citrus, woody, musky, powdery, earthy

Amber Woody fragrance for men

Perfume rating 4.38 out of 5

M7 by YSL is like that mysterious stranger at the bar who catches everyone’s eye without even trying. If James Dean and a suave French poet teamed up to create a scent, this would be it.

The opening is a bold burst of bergamot and mandarin—like a fresh citrus slap that wakes up your senses faster than a double shot of espresso. As it settles, the heart of patchouli and amber takes over, wrapping you in a warm, spicy hug that’s as comforting as your favorite leather jacket. Finally, the deep, woody base of oud and vetiver sneaks in, leaving a trail of intrigue wherever you go.

M7 is perfect for the guy who’s a bit of a rebel but always keeps it classy. Whether you’re riding a vintage motorcycle through the city or brooding over a novel in a chic café, this scent says you’re not just here to play the game—you’re here to rewrite the rules.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent fragrance inspired by YSL M7


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Rosemary, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot

Top Note Ingredients

Rosemary, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot
Agarwood (Oud), Vetiver

Middle Note Ingredients

Agarwood (Oud), Vetiver
Amber, Musk

Base Note Ingredients

Amber, Musk

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