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No.650 Teddy is Terrible – Amber Woody Men’s

5.00 (2)

This is an elegant amber-y, Smokey, leathery, musky spicy fragrance for men but could work on both men and women. Perfectly blended contrast; soapy fresh, yet distinguished and aromatic. Peppery, yet smooth. Enticing and sensual, but rigid and assured. Like an introverted extrovert. Imagine: opening an antique hardwood cabinet with old books inside. Or possibly an antique bookshop downtown Notting hill in London, unique, close to skin… draws your nose nearer to the person wearing it. It is great for an office or anywhere you don’t want to stick out. It feels classy, like wearing a dapper suit to work in winter.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent fragrance inspired by Terrible Teddy for men by Penhaligon’s


Grand total

Top Note Ingredients

Vegan Leather

Middle Note Ingredients

Vegan Leather

Base Note Ingredients


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2 reviews for No.650 Teddy is Terrible – Amber Woody Men’s

  1. Steve Dela

    Steve Dela (verified owner)

    This is so nice!… I’d go as far as say this is my favourite fragrance in the entire world. This is as close to the original as I have found and “almost” lasts as long.

  2. Charlotte Steele

    Charlotte Steele (verified owner)

    Wow, super impressed with this, I really wanted the penhaligons perfume, but could not justify the price despite loving the scent. This is the exact same! I will now buy a bigger bottle ?

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