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No.615 Le Noir – Aromatic Unisex

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The Noir 29 | Inspired affordable alternative – No.615

Main accords : Woody, fresh spicy, sweet, aromatic, fruity, tobacco, green, citrus, powdery, earthy

Imagine sitting inside an old log cabin, brittle leaves falling outside the window, drinking wine, fig, pepper and whatnot, with a pack of cigarettes tucked in your front pocket smelling fresh as if it just came out of the tobacco factory. That’s what this perfume smells like. A rustic autumn scent. Le Noir opens up with something unexpected – fresh tobacco leaves that have been freshly rolled up. It’s not ‘smoky’ at all – just bitter and grassy. This could easily become your favorite fragrance.


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Fig, Bayleaf, Bergamot

Top Note Ingredients

Fig, Bayleaf, Bergamot
Cedar, Vetiver, Musk

Middle Note Ingredients

Cedar, Vetiver, Musk
Tobacco, Hay

Base Note Ingredients

Tobacco, Hay

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4 reviews for No.615 Le Noir – Aromatic Unisex

  1. Rachel

    This is stunning!! My niece turned up wearing the “real” deal, and i knew i had to have it! Of course i was able to get it from the amazing Eden shop at a huge saving, plus, it lasts longer than the other one,
    I’ve had many compliments, and will definitely be going back for more!!
    It’s amazing how such a beautiful scent, can put such a big smile on ones face! Thanks Eden! So very much!! ?

  2. Yuqing Cao

    Yuqing Cao

    Smells exactly like my girl’s THÉ NOIR 29 from Le Labo! I’m overjoyed :))

  3. karen brown (verified owner)

    I wore this today i put it on in Morning… by 4pm others were comnenting asking if id recently put on….this lasts so long… then in the evening at a gala dinner i was asked again by a male colleaque what incredible perfume i was wearing…. It’s beautiful and lasts on skin fir hours

  4. Cara (verified owner)

    I have both this and the noir 29 from le labo and honestly this one projects better and lasts longer! Bonus-it’s cheaper too!
    Have had multiple compliments when wearing this with people going as far as asking me to send them the name of the perfume so they can go and buy it.
    Have bought this nearly 4 times and will continue to purchase.

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