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No.607 Aoud Save Our Queen – Oriental Floral Women’s

5.00 (1)

No.607 Intense | Inspired by Oud Save the Queen

Main accords: White floral, oud, warm spicy, vanilla, woody, sweet, amber, citrus, green, aromatic

This is how London Mayfair smells like. On another level, it’s like you can feel 200 years of fragrance expertise in this one perfume. It’s quite different from what you might expect from the notes. You can smell all the notes which are mentioned, but it is so much more complex than you might expect. Rich, exciting, and beautifully balanced, it’s warm, smoky, creamy, spicy, floral, heady, fresh, and powdery. It smells like oud, orange blossom, tea, bergamot, dark fruits, vanilla, tonka bean, jasmine, rose, resins and so much more. If you favour rich, dark, oriental perfumes, I think you will love it.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent perfume inspired by Atkinsons Oud Save the Queen


Grand total
Earl grey tea, Cloves , Bergamot

Top Note Ingredients

Earl grey tea, Cloves , Bergamot
Jasmine, Orange blossom

Middle Note Ingredients

Jasmine, Orange blossom
Tonka, Guaiac wood, Agarwood

Base Note Ingredients

Tonka, Guaiac wood, Agarwood

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1 review for No.607 Aoud Save Our Queen – Oriental Floral Women’s

  1. Leslie

    This is my first oud! Did not disappoint since I played it safe with a powdery version. This scent plays well with body chemistry–really expanding on the skin. After the fresh, top powder note, this really is a near skin-scent. The oud plays nicely as harvest/hay barn-type oud. At most it reads as a fresh, summer-dew-sweat at the base. Think of the sweat that pricks up this time of year (September), when it is waxing summer sun, and a little warmth and condensation forms beneath a blouse during the sun-setting. It smells natural and clean at the same time. Not too much silage, so good for layering.

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