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No.605 | Inspired by Attrape-Rêves Louis Vuitton for women

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No.605 | Attrape-Rêves Louis Vuitton Dupe | Vegan & refillable

Main accords: Fresh, floral, rose, warm spicy, fruity, patchouli, tropical, cacao, woody, citrus

As ethereal as the moment between dream and reality. Attr-ape-Rêvaz is the aromatic incarnation of spiritual wonder. Like the vivid hues of the Northern Lights travelling across the arctic heavens, it conjures images of natural phenomena rooted in a memory of distant adventures. Inspirational notes are carefully balanced. The intense warmth of raw cocoa powder mingles with the delicate scent of peonies, evoking visions of shooting stars scattered across the velvet night sky. An earthy patchouli heart is juxtaposed by the sparkling fresh sweetness of litchi.

Attrape-Rêves is a true fresh floral. Heavy on the peony and rose, with a touch of aquatic litchi. The ginger adds a nice sparkling effect. Based on the composition, this could be considered as a chypre but it’s done in such a fresh way. This is a compliment getter for sure and has good performance. If you’re not big on flowers and/or patchouli, skip this one. This is for the girlies that like sexy and grown-up florals with a twist.

Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent inspired by Attrape-Rêves Louis Vuitton Dupe


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Litchi, Ginger, Bergamot

Top Note Ingredients

Litchi, Ginger, Bergamot
Peony, Turkish rose, Cocoa

Middle Note Ingredients

Peony, Turkish rose, Cocoa

Base Note Ingredients


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6 reviews for No.605 | Inspired by Attrape-Rêves Louis Vuitton for women

  1. Claire loveridge

    I bought some perfumes for friends at Christmas and treated myself to a bottle of 605 at the same time. I love it. When i wear it i receive a lot of compliments.
    I am buying my second bottle as don’t want to be without it.

  2. Gemma Costin

    Gemma Costin

    Love at first sniff! Wearing this for the first time today and I cannot stop smelling it, I am obsessed! This was a blind buy and I’m so happy I took the chance on it.

  3. Genesis (verified owner)

    I get too many compliments when I wear this perfume!! I highly recommend it!!

  4. Lorraine Young

    Lorraine Young (verified owner)

    I have a sample of Attrape-rêves which I’ve been testing out this week and absolutely love it. I ordered the Eden version hoping to save myself some money. I received it this morning and tested it right away. First impressions are that the scent is spot on, I’m super impressed! I don’t think I could tell the difference, it’s honestly a perfect copy, high quality scent! The original does seem stronger, but as is the case with freshly made perfume, which this is, I know it will get stronger once it’s had time to macerate for a few weeks. I’ll definitely be ordering more from here!

  5. Steph Mitchell

    Steph Mitchell (verified owner)

    Wow, I smelt the LV version on holiday but couldn’t justify the price. I found 605 online and I’ll admit I didn’t have high expectations because the scent seemed so unique to me.

    I was wrong! This perfume is amazing I’ve already told my friends and family to purchase and I will be purchasing again!

    Very very happy with this scent!

  6. Olimpia Rybnicka

    Olimpia Rybnicka (verified owner)

    Smells just like the original Louis Vuitton perfume!! Had the sample and wanted to get it from the Louis Vuitton website but I’m not giving £250 for one perfume. I really recommend this perfume especially for the price!!! Also last long and got many compliments. It’s a YES from me????????

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