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No.594 Immortal Flower – Floral Fruity Women’s

A peach blossom floating on a crystal-clear stream. The delicate nature of newness and rebirth witnessed in springtime is where the immortality flower thrives in a floral paradise forever, blooming with dewy white peach blossoms and a pastel bouquet of fresh freesia, rose and sweet vanilla. A fruity splash of fresh nectarine flows like the soft undercurrent of a clear stream to the fountain of youth from which the flower drinks. If you want to feel like a princess with a regal and effortless style that demands attention. Immortal Flower captures the promise of eternal youth.

Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent to Flower of immortality by Kilian


Grand total
Peach, Rose

Top Note Ingredients

Peach, Rose
Iris, Carrot Seeds

Middle Note Ingredients

Iris, Carrot Seeds
Black currant, Tonka Bean

Base Note Ingredients

Black currant, Tonka Bean

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