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No.585 – Inspired by LV Afternoon Swim – Unisex

Louis Vuitton Afternoon swim dupe | Citrus | Vegan & refillable

Main accords : Citrus

Plunge into a sea of passion with this one, an energetic fragrance infused with stimulating notes of orange. Captures the invigorating feel of ocean waves breaking against the skin on a hot summer’s day. A homage to citrus, the scent is rich in rare Sicilian orange. An undercurrent of mandarin stirs beneath lulling bergamot for a delightful sensation of utter freshness. A citrus blast ,recommended for the summers hot daytime visits to the beach or if you are lucky enough to be in a yacht cruising through the waves.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent fragrance inspired by Louis Vuitton Afternoon swim dupe.


Grand total
Mandarin Orange

Top Note Ingredients

Mandarin Orange
Sicilian Orange

Middle Note Ingredients

Sicilian Orange

Base Note Ingredients


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1 review for No.585 – Inspired by LV Afternoon Swim – Unisex

  1. Ninja (verified owner)

    The scent itself is 5 out of 5 – I’ve never smelled the original, but I love a good, fresh, clean, slightly-bracing citrus scent and that’s what this is. This is also great because I smell NO FLORALS!!! Or at least none that are detectable by me. Totally unisex freshie in my opinion. It’s somehow very linear and simple while also smelling bit more posh and sophisticated then other basic citruses I’ve tried. I took off a star because it has very little lasting power on skin (and I don’t personally care for super long-lasting scents…4-6 hours is fine by me). May last longer on clothes? Doesn’t matter – I’ll just respray alot! Also doesn’t project for more than 30 min, but again I like a close scent bubble so that doesn’t concern me. If a scent is vegan and cruelty free, that is more important to me than performance (though of course I wish one didn’t have to be sacrificed for the other). All in all, me likey :).

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