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No.280 Intense – Our Vegan alternative to Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

Tuscan Leather vegan Alternative No.280 Intense.

Main accords: Vegan leather, fruity, sweet, amber, smoky, warm spicy

This is a very special fragrance. One for the ages to take note of. Wearing this little piece of leathery heaven will leave you smelling like a bull ready for action. It’s even nicer than that, especially knowing its 100% vegan and no animals were hurt through the process. The gorgeous saffron-raspberry opening is simply divine, and lends the deeper tones of woods an almost magical, voluptuous air. Rarely can a perfume be both fruity, woody and have depth all at the same time, at least not without smelling awfully confused. This fragrance is a rare exception and the sweetness of the raspberry takes the edge off the leather and lends a sense of Italian grace and luxury to the whole thing. Longevity lasts a good 10 hours on the skin and will definitely crank up your inner Boss factor.

An undeniably tart leathery raspberry with an unnatural tanginess and dry powdery nose feel. It has a smoky vibe. The background has some subtle vanilla with a very slight hint of violet. This is unsurprisingly, a leather-dominant scent. Somewhat provocative at times and with interesting nuances throughout. It features a multifaceted Vegan leather accord, and is bold and high-quality, reeking of confidence. At the dry down stage it settles, becoming smooth and (finally) suede-like. Spices enhance it beautifully, warm and rich. It is slightly animalic at this stage because of the slightly salty amber. Smooth and dry, fading to a musky leather skin scent eventually. Silage is strong and longevity is long-lasting.

Our Vegan version to Tom Ford Tuscan Leather  is masculine-leaning – strong, even slightly aggressive, but is ideal for all leather lovers. Best worn in autumn/winter for evening wear. Extroverted elegance. 4/5.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent fragrance inspired by Tom Ford Tuscan Leather


Grand total
Saffron, Raspberry, Thyme

Top Note Ingredients

Saffron, Raspberry, Thyme
Olibanum, Jasmine

Middle Note Ingredients

Olibanum, Jasmine
Amber, Woody Notes

Base Note Ingredients

Amber, Woody Notes

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