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No.268 Royal Oud – Oriental Fougere Unisex Wood

5.00 (2)

Creed Royal Oud | Vegan & refillable alternative | No.268

Main accords : Woody, musky, powdery, citrus, aromatic, soft spicy, oud, green, amber

Wood, marble, and gold. These luxurious elements of a Persian palace are the inspiration behind the architecture of Royal Oud. A grand melange of silky sandalwood and Lebanese cedar lead to the smooth woody depth of lush galbanum and peppery angelica. The opulent and majestic base reveals precious oud, one of the rarest and most revered of ingredients so greatly esteemed by ancient Asian cultures. An imposing fragrance for a lady or gentleman of spiritual refinement and assured elegance. The dry down is gorgeous. once this matures and starts to dry up it starts smelling quite royal.

Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent inspired by Creed Royal oud.

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Pink Pepper, Lemon, Bergamot

Top Note Ingredients

Pink Pepper, Lemon, Bergamot
Cedar, Angelica, Galbanum

Middle Note Ingredients

Cedar, Angelica, Galbanum
Sandalwood, Agarwood (oud), Musk

Base Note Ingredients

Sandalwood, Agarwood (oud), Musk

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2 reviews for No.268 Royal Oud – Oriental Fougere Unisex Wood

  1. Levi

    An amazing, classy, elegant scent with good longevity. Never smelt anything like it before but can even imagine it becoming a signature scent.

  2. L B

    L B (verified owner)

    Don’t think I will ever stop buying this one!

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