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No.661 Midnight Stroll – Woody Unisex

A Midnight stroll | Vegan & refillable alternative – No.661 Intense
Main accords : Aromatic, woody, fresh spicy, amber, smoky, balsamic, warm spicy

For its “simplicity”, as only having three notes, it is paradoxically quite complex. Midnight Stroll definitely fits the pyramid note.

The incense is dry and smoky, while the cade oil sometimes gives a low but pleasant “leathery” vibe, resting on a background of green, dry and earthy notes of cypress.. Very elegant, intense, and dark, as if you are were walking through a forest at night.
Good longevity, moderate sillage. Very original and exquisitely executed.


Natural alternative, cruelty-free & vegan equivalent to Gucci A Midnight Stroll by Gucci


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Top Note Ingredients

Cade Oil

Middle Note Ingredients

Cade Oil

Base Note Ingredients


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