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English Rose

Elegance without overtly flaunting affluence – it exudes a refined, understated, and majestic aura. Gently feminine, it harmonizes delicate hints of rose and peony over a regal foundation of amber – the remarkable part is, that all three notes unveil themselves from the moment it graces your skin. This fragrance embodies a captivating “skin-warm” essence, revealing its true charm as it melds with your skin. Ideal for professional settings or sophisticated soirées, it makes a bold statement through subtlety.

From the collection that was created for Holland & Barret, using the purest and most natural ingredients to fit their range you can now purchase them directly from us and we will deliver them directly to your doorstep. This collection is a unisex collection and suited for everyone according to what you like to smell. From citrussy, and woodies to floral gourmand these make great assets to your favorite fragrance collections.


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