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No.672 | Plan B – Inspired by Balenciaga B.

No.672 – Balenciaga B Perfume Dupe | Vegan & refillable

Main accords: Woody, green, ozonic, aquatic, musky, white floral, iris, floral, powdery, fresh

The original has been discontinued on this one and it is such a Gem. This is a clean, green, fresh, aquatic and woody fragrance for women. As it dries down, the green remains with a bit of a sour note. Not bad sour but more like a dill extract but ironically LUXURIOUS. It later rounds down to a light floral musk and crisp greens that remains effervescent. A great warm day summers fragrance with character. Clean, but so different from every other “clean” scent you will ever came across.

Natural alternative cruelty-free & vegan equivalent perfume inspired by Balenciaga B.


Grand total
Violet Leaf, Pea, Lily-of-the-Valley

Top Note Ingredients

Violet Leaf, Pea, Lily-of-the-Valley
Cedar, Orris

Middle Note Ingredients

Cedar, Orris
White Musk, Cashmere Wood

Base Note Ingredients

White Musk, Cashmere Wood

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