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No.235 Bulgary Acqua – Aromatic Aquatic Men’s

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme | Vegan & refillable alternative
Main accords : Citrus, marine, aromatic, aquatic, woody, lavender, fresh spicy, powdery,

Soft understated masculinity with an aquatic citrus twist. The fragrance opens with classy mandarin orange and petitgrain, extracted from leaves of the bitter orange tree. It’s warm and yet simultaneously soft, like a cool Mediterranean breeze. The base is very masculine due to mineral notes and hints of amber. This fragrance is for a slightly more mature man who appreciates the soft, understated radiance lent to him by an aquatic fragrance. Either way this fragrance will linger for a surprisingly long time on the skin, it’s casual and wearable anytime and works particularly well in summer.

Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent, inspired by Aqva pour homme by Bvlgari


Grand total
Mandarin Orange, Amber, Petitgrain

Top Note Ingredients

Mandarin Orange, Amber, Petitgrain
Rose, Magnolia, Peony

Middle Note Ingredients

Rose, Magnolia, Peony
Taif Rose

Base Note Ingredients

Taif Rose

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