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No.195 Bossy Scent Man – Aromatic Spicy Men’s

Boss the Scent for men | Vegan alternative – No.195

This fragrance is a masterpiece. When you put it on you get a slight deodorant-y odour, reminiscent of teenage days and ‘Africa.’ This isn’t a perfume to mess around with, however – it’s far too alluring to call straightforward. The initial note is one of sweet ginger, which swiftly takes you away to another world before maninka fruit and lavender balance out the scent. It lasts all day on the skin and will shroud you with a masculine, slightly mysterious aura. Don’t be surprised when people start asking you what you’ve got on! This fragrance is sensuous and not easily forgotten.

Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent, inspired by Boss the Scent for men by Hugo Boss


Grand total

Top Note Ingredients

Lavender, Maninka

Middle Note Ingredients

Lavender, Maninka

Base Note Ingredients


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