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No.131 Black Code Man – Oriental Spicy Men’s

Main accords:  Citrus, anis, soft spicy, floral, tobacco, sweet, aromatic, vanilla, musky

Make a statement with Black Code Perfume! Our luxurious and timeless scent is perfect for any occasion. The opening is citrusy. But it’s only when it dries down that it starts showing its personality – dark, classy, brooding and enveloped in mystery, like a dark forest or a foggy deserted road on a winter night. This smells really complete and sophisticated. It’s the fragrance that Neo from The Matrix would probably use – it’s subtle, mysterious and doesn’t give too much away about the wearer. A rich base of tobacco means it’s likely to stay a while on your skin, but this isn’t a fragrance that projects that much – it’s more something to wear for your own personal pleasure. Black Code Perfume is a luxurious, sophisticated scent created to give you an air of sophistication and allure. Our unique blend of fine, natural ingredients provides the perfect combination of freshness and intrigue. Soft notes of woodsy amber and creamy vanilla create an inviting aura that both captures and enchants your senses. There’s also a hint of sweet citrus mixed with smooth sandalwood and herbal musk, creating the perfect balance between masculine and feminine fragrances. This captivating fragrance will get you noticed wherever you go! Its manly yet gentle aroma makes it ideal for those special occasions from a romantic dinner date to a formal evening event. Black Code Perfume has the power to transform your look in an instant and make it unforgettable!


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Bergamot, Lemon

Top Note Ingredients

Bergamot, Lemon
Star Anise, Olive Blossom, Guaiac Wood

Middle Note Ingredients

Star Anise, Olive Blossom, Guaiac Wood
Tobacco, Tonka Bean

Base Note Ingredients

Tobacco, Tonka Bean

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