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Vanilla Absolut

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Vanilla Absolut is Wisdom, fidelity, loyalty, and integrity many properties are bestowed upon the Vanilla Absolut gemstone. Said also to sharpen the mind, and bring clarity and self-mastery. It’s made of pure perfume with 40% concentration. It’s an oriental vanilla concoction made to take people’s breath away and staple your image in their brains. It pays tribute to these much-coveted qualities, being not only bewitching in its appearance but beguiling in its effect, inspiring loyalty among aficionados who are drawn to the opulent oriental woody sweet vanilla scent with its top notes of Neroli, bergamot. Middle notes of orange blossom rose. Layered with a heavy base of caramel, vanilla, sugar, musk, and saffron. This smells like orange blossoms sitting on a bed of caramel and vanilla, it’s sweet and great for going out at night.

£48.00 - 50ml

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Orange Blossom, Pink Pepper, bergamot

Top Note Ingredients

Orange Blossom, Pink Pepper, bergamot
Bulgarian Rose

Middle Note Ingredients

Bulgarian Rose
Caramel, Sugar, Vanilla

Base Note Ingredients

Caramel, Sugar, Vanilla

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4 reviews for Vanilla Absolut

  1. Ruth


  2. Sarah Gallogly

    Sarah Gallogly (verified owner)

    It’s a lovely fragrance but the name is misleading as its not really vanilla centric. This is a dead ringer for Prada Candy Kiss. A sugary orange blossom and white musk type scent. It’s an enjoyable sweet floral but not the heavy caramel vanilla I was expecting.

  3. Melody Short

    Melody Short (verified owner)

    So good! It smells like Love Don’t Be Shy and I can see the comparison to Prada Candy Kiss as that’s said to smell like LDBS. Really strong and seems to radiate off your body heat really well. I layer my perfumes and this will make a fab sweet base for other perfumes aswell as on it’s own. Very sweet, sugary and with a bit of citrus to cut through it. One for the gourmand girlies for sure. Might have to work my way through these absoluts as they all sound nice.

  4. Alice (verified owner)

    Ok, this fragrance was not for me but I will give it 5 stars because of the depth, performance and complexity.

    To me, this smells like hard sugar coated orange chocolates.. Smarties to be very precise.. Vanilla extract, of the highest quality and boozy, provocative musk.

    And I think that is awesome. But just not me. It smells expensive, it’s very sexy indeed. It’s personal!

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