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No.420 Oud Isphaham - Oriental Floral Unisex

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Our strongest OUD fragrance, it is so unique and stands out so much from the rest of the other fragrances, its so woody and gets a lot of attention. People will stop you in the street and ask you what are you wearing, however this is not everyone's cup of tea, its only if you like strong perfumes, concoction includes Patchouli, Labdunum, Rose, Sandalwood and Oud however this is a beast. If you were in a gathering and all your mates were wearing perfume no one will be able to smell anything else apart from Persian oud.

No.420 Natural alternative cruelty free vegan equivalent to Oud Ispahan by Dior

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Sandalwood, Rose, Oud

Claudie on 03-28-2018 07:23 PM
I'm on my second bottle of this beauty. You are right it's an absolute beast! It's utterly gorgeous mysterious potent and magnetic! Mesmerising even.......
Not overpowering but when people get near, they are instantly hooked and drawn into this aroma. It's my favourite perfume ever. Thank you so much
uela on 07-01-2018 06:37 PM
I got this one from a friend, and i love it! has his own personality : strong and powerful, sweet and direct. You wear it and you love it.
Mithun on 08-07-2018 05:28 PM
Absolutely love this . Endless compliments when wearing. For some reason it does not last long on my skin ,maximum 1-2 hours. I want to buy more but longervity puts me off. Overall it's a absolutely stunning perfume.
Reema on 12-04-2018 05:40 PM
Such an enticing scent. This is amazing, it feels strong when you spray and a little - I mean just a drop is really long lasting. Love how it mellows down to a woody, calming even mystical sort of perfume. Love it! Thanks Eden for this Cruelty free option for us!
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