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No.026 Pleasure - Floral Women's

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A clean, sophisticated, more wintery fragrance, a floral medley that makes you feel very clean. Goes really nicely with a lovely dress. Not so much a fashionable fragrance as it used to be, as the fashion now lies in sweeter, fruitier fragrances, yet still highly desirable and unique. 

No.026 Natural alternative cruelty free vegan equivalent to Pleasures by Estee Lauder

Perfume Notes

Top Note


Perfume Notes

Middle Note


Perfume Notes

Base Note

Lily Of The Valley

Top Note Ingredients

Tuberose, Pink Pepper, Violet, Freesia, Red Berries, Violet Leaf, Green Notes

Middle Note Ingredients

Peony, Rose, Lily, Lilac, Jasmine, Lily Of The Valley, Geranium, Karo Karounde

Base Note Ingredients

Sandalwood, Ptchouli, Musk, Cedar

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