Eden Perfumes No.112 R-manee Pour Homme - Citrus Aromatic Men's No.112 Similar notes to Armani pour homme MEN (Men's) by Armani Giorgio .. Product #: 112 based on 0 reviews Regular price: £15.00 £15.00

No.112 R-manee Pour Homme - Citrus Aromatic Men's

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Nice and fresh. An initial hit of bitter citrus with an underlying light floral mossy base. A classic citrussy mens cologne  (with that bitter note), as well as a number of classic colognes, refreshes in hot weather and radiates a clean, crisp, polite air. Classic in the sense that there's no modern sweet twist or aqua note, just a traditional blend that recalls a time when colognes were relatively straightforward and not necessarily simple, but restrained and conservative. Great for those times you want to smell fresh and clean without calling attention to the fact that you're wearing something.

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