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No.210 Bomb Spices - Woody Spicy Men's

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As the name suggests, this fragrance is nice and spicy before anything else. A sharp note of cinnamon opens the perfume, which is grounded by softer notes of saffron and paprika in the heart. It's an excellent fragrance to wear in autumn or winter especially, as the warm spicy notes you're emitting will be in nice contrast to the cooler weather. Pink pepper will awaken your senses and deep, sensual tobacco in the base will give you an air of authority and mystery that will pique people's curiosity. This is a great seller both online and in store and compared to its commercial counterpart is far less chemical, much softer and evidently more natural. 

No.210  Natural alternative cruelty-free vegan equivalent to Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Perfume Notes

Top Note


Perfume Notes

Middle Note

Pink Pepper

Perfume Notes

Base Note


Top Note Ingredients

Bergamot, Grapefruit, Elemi, Pink Pepper

Middle Note Ingredients

Saffron, Cinnamon, Paprika

Base Note Ingredients

Tobacco, Vetiver

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