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No.101 Fierceness - Woody Aromatic Men's

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This is the fragrance for you if you've always dreamed of playing quarterback for an American football team. It has a sporty, preppy vibe to it, is quite strong and lasts for a very long time. Very suitable for guys who are into fashion and enjoy an active, sporty lifestyle. The opening of the scent is citrus-mossy, with the mossiness remaining throughout the life of the fragrance and blending in with the intense fir basenote on the drydown. This fragrance is youthful, commanding and masculine. 

No.101 Natural alternative cruelty free vegan equivalent to Fierce by Abercrombie

Perfume Notes

Top Note


Perfume Notes

Middle Note


Perfume Notes

Base Note


Top Note Ingredients

Petitgrain, Cardamom, Lemon, Orange, Fir

Middle Note Ingredients

Jasmine, Rosemary, Rose, Lily Of The Valley

Base Note Ingredients

Vetiver, Brazilian Rosewood, Oakmoss, Musk

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