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No.122 Tomy - Citrus Aromatic Men's

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Welcome back to the 1990s! If you never wanted them to end, or would simply love to go back, then look no further than this gorgeously fresh summer scent. Notes of apple and mint create the opening, inviting all around into a fruity-fresh cloud. Cotton flower in the base gives the perfume a subtle softness and what you're left with is a fragrance that is fresh, sporty, fruity and not overly loud. Perfect to wear on a lazy day chilling with friends or going to the beach. 

No.122 Natural alternative cruelty free vegan equivalent to Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

Perfume Notes

Top Note

Granny Smith Apple

Perfume Notes

Middle Note


Perfume Notes

Base Note

Cotton Flower

Top Note Ingredients

Grapefruit, Mint, Lavender, Bergamot

Middle Note Ingredients

Cranberry, Granny Smith Apple, Rose

Base Note Ingredients

Cactus, Amber, Cotton Flower

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