Pink Rose Abosolut

50ml | Unisex


Name on the bottle:

This is pink rose heaven, made to make heads turn from a distance without being overpowering to the nose. People will possibly walk up to you and ask what is that fragrance. For the ones that think rose is not for them, this was made to change your mind. Actually, this will hopefully become your signature fragrance and you will be obsessed with it.

Blended in with peony and rhubarb, this leans more feminine. If the colour pink had a scent, this would be it! it's a feminine, coquettish scent that performs very well in warm & cold weather and is a stunner.  If we were to put a face to this fragrance it would be the fragrance Julia Roberts should have worn in Pretty Woman, because it will make you feel ever so pretty and you will always be the pink princess of any party you are invited to.

It's floral, fruity and the blend between the pink Turkish rose and the peony is heavenly. Girls if you are going on a night out, this is a definite must-have in your top 3. This is one of those scents you will not forget. Feels like crushed petals in the palm of your hand. It’s sweet, pretty, very floral. It starts with a blend of fruity notes –  rhubarb and bergamot, and we made it to be utterly elegant. For those who love the colour pink, this hopefully is your favourite niche pink rose fragrance.

Top Notes

Rhubarb, Bergamot

Middle Notes

Turkish Rose, Peony, Coffee

Base Notes

Cashmeran, Vetiver, Incense