Amber Abosolut

50ml | Unisex


* Name on the bottle:

 If we were to describe this fragrance in one word it would be "Sacred'' for those of you who are into the amber orientals and a dark warm and spicy overdose of resins, this is the one. Perfecting this fragrance was so important to us as it is for those who appreciate all things alternative. To our taste and knowledge, we feel that this might just be the perfect Amber scent to our noses. It was in our mission to create a fragrance that would take you into spiritual Zen mode and clear any negativities when you smell it. Feeling down? spray Amber Absolut and watch the magic unfold. Heavenly Morrocan Amber. Warm, exotic, mysterious and a bit spicy. Just like a good lover.

The amber is a dry and dusty powdery vanilla, which combines with the resins and spices to resemble a hot desert air blowing over Marrakesh. We have also added a slightly malty boozy and tobacco element to this one giving it an intoxicating balsamic and velvety coating. We have made it in a way where the wearer can identify every single ingredient in the fragrance. For those looking for projection and compliments! This is not a party fragrance. This is special, it's special because every ingredient in it is holy and blessed, we chose ingredients that were used all the way dating back to the Pharaohs. This fragrance will make you connect with your inner senses and find the greatest most humble person within you.

Fragrance Notes

Resin, Amber, Bay leaf, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Vanilla, Patchouli