Vanilla Abosolut

50ml | Unisex


* Name on the bottle:

Vanilla Absolut is Wisdom, fidelity, loyalty, integrity – many properties are bestowed upon the Vanilla Absolut gemstone, said also to sharpen the mind, bring clarity and self mastery. Vanilla Absolut is made of pure perfume with 40% concentration it is an oriental vanilla concoction made to take people's breath away and staple your image in their brains.

It pays tribute to these much coveted qualities, being not only bewitching in its appearance but beguiling in its effect, inspiring loyalty among aficionados who are drawn to the opulent oriental woody sweet vanilla scent with its top notes of Neroli, bergamot. Middle notes of orange blossom, rose. Layered with a heavy base of caramel, vanilla, sugar, musk and saffron.

This smells like orange blossoms sitting on a bed of caramel and vanilla, it's sweet and great for going out at night.


Vanilla, Caramel, Orange Blossom, Incense, Musk