How much is Creed aftershave (1)

So how much does Creed aftershave cost? We find out the price range within this post. However, did you know you can buy it for around £24? Read on to find out more.

Creed is one of the most expensive fragrance producers around. But what is it about this luxury brand that makes their scents so tantalising, and why are people willing to part with so much money for them?

Creed is a luxury perfume house known for their artisan fragrances. While other scent designers might be linked to big fashion houses, Creed only does fragrance, so you can be confident they know their stuff. 

Their story started in 1760 when a pair of scented leather gloves were delivered to King George III by a tailoring company. This company later expanded into fragrance, and the House of Creed was born.

How much is creed aftershave?

The price varies depending on your choice of aftershave and the size of the bottle. A 50ml bottle of their famous Aventus scent starts at £210, but if you want a 1000ml bottle of the stuff, you’re going to need to part with £1,350.

Cheaper products are available. For example, Creed’s Millesime Imperial starts at £185 for 50ml, and the same goes for popular scents like Silver Mountain Water and Green Irish Tweed.

If you want to try the fragrances without parting with too much cash, you can try the Creed 3 Piece 10ml discovery set for £135. This set includes 5 sample sizes of their most popular scents so you can try them out and find your signature fragrance.

Why is Creed so expensive?

Creed only sells eau de parfum, which is heavily concentrated and has more fragrance compounds than other products like eau de toilette or cologne. This means that the fragrance lasts for a long time and a bottle will go much further. You just need a dab to achieve a long-lasting scent.

Creed is also more expensive than some brands due to the prestige. As a dedicated fragrance house, you aren’t paying for an expensive fashion brand like some rival perfumes. You are paying for the expertise and superior ingredients that make their scents stand out from the crowd.

Creed fragrances are inspired and created and use an innovative infusion process to achieve a quality scent that lasts all day long.

Which fragrances are available for men?

There are seven fragrances in the current Creed collection. These are:

  • Aventus is a sophisticated scent with notes of apple, blackcurrant and bergamot.
  • Millesime Imperial is floral and crisp, with notes or iris, cedarwood and musk.
  • Silver Mountain Water is a fresh and contemporary scent with juicy citrus notes.
  • Green Irish Tweed is aromatic and fresh, inspired by freshly cut grass and a fresh sea breeze.
  • Royal Oud is woody and spicy, with notes of frankincense, lime and bergamot.
  • Viking is a bold and fresh scent with hints of dry sandalwood, nutmeg and an ozonic finish.
  • Virgin Island Water is exotic and fruity, with notes of lime, bergamot and milky coconut.

Where can I find Creed cologne cheaper?

We stock a wide range of vegan, sustainable dupes of popular brands, including dupe Creed Aventus cologne. This is a great way to enjoy premium scents without the premium price tag.

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