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We were the newest natural and vegan perfumery in the UK and our purpose was to revolutionise the perfume industry.

Since then, we have made many changes in that direction and achieved great success as pioneers of vegan and cruelty-free perfumery in the UK, winning many awards in the world of cruelty-free and natural shows.

At EDEN we can match your favourite perfume to a natural 'No Nasty Chemicals' vegan-friendly version at a fraction of the cost and at a much better quality.

We also have our own original creations and our products are affordable, organic and vegan!

Find out more about our artisan perfumes and future products on our blog, and take advantage of our special offers! 


EDEN No.111

Here is a fragrance that features Vanilla, Cinnamon and Heliotrope as it's top notes - the sweetness of the Vanilla mixed with the warmth of the Cinnamon gives this fragrance a beautiful autumnal fragrance. With its rich woody base notes and spicy top notes this fragrance invokes curiosity with a touch of sophistication! 

EDEN No.207

This fragrance features top notes of Tobacco, Oud and Grapefruit - this scent invokes notes of regality with its deep spicy sensual fragrance. It is one of our most exciting and intoxicating scents and is the epitome of a twenty first century man.

EDEN No.582

This eclectic mix of tops notes such as Cherry, Tobacco and Maple Syrup creates a fruity woody fragrance that shouts luxury. This aphrodisiacal scent has a complex orientalist smell which is not kitsch sweet but noble sweet, it's heady aroma will have you wanting more in no time!

EDEN No.596

One of my all time favourites is this fragrance that features the top notes Vanilla, Kulfi and Amber - it's rich, it's decadent and oozes sophistication. This fragrance positively commands attention from it's audience, a classic yet mysterious fragrance that combines exotic aromas and sensuality to imply confidence from it's wearer. A truly divine fragrance!

EDEN No.513

This beautifully sweet autumnal fragrance features top notes of Caramel, Peach and Amber - it's a playful kick of autumnal leaves on a crisp sunny October morning. The sweetness of the caramel and richness of amber creates the perfectly sumptuous base of this fragrance whilst the ripeness of the peach keeps this scent young, playful and fun!

EDEN No.061

My ultimate favourite when it comes to a decadent fragrance has got to be this fragrance, featuring top notes of Peach, Vanilla and Lychee this essence is literally a hug in a perfume! It's rich and decadent and with its oriental floral composition it invokes a heady sweet woody scent, it invokes nostalgia and a warmth unlike some fragrances and is by far one of my highest recommended scents!

We here at Eden Perfumes, love our scents and enjoy working with our customers to figure just which ones work for you and your loved ones! Our dedicated team members are specialists within their field and open up new possibilities in the world of perfumes and fragrances, we love helping you find the fragrance you're looking for whilst opening up other possibilities you may or may not have thought of before.

Our bespoke perfumier service is available to everyone visiting us in one of three of our locations across the United Kingdom and with over six hundred perfumes available at our fingertips we guarantee to find you your perfect scent!

  • 111 has similar notes to Joop! Homme By Joop!
  • 207 has similar notes to Oud Malaki by Kilian
  • 582 has similar notes to Back to Black by Kilian
  • 596 has similar notes to Noir Femme by Tom Ford
  • 513 has similar notes to BonBon by Viktor and Rolf
  • 061 has similar notes to The One for Women by Dolce & Gabbana 

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